My penis is curved- is that normal? There are tiny bumps around the head of my penis-is that normal? One of my testicles is lower
than the other one-is that normal? One of my testicles is larger-is that normal?
The answer to all the questions above is that they are all normal. Hey Guys, doing your next physical if there is anything that you
have a question about- please ask us. No question is too silly.
I have acne. It's on my face, chest, and back. How should I treat it?
You will discover that the over the counter medications are not very effective. The treatment of acne is pretty straight forward.
We treat acne successfully in this office. If we experience treatment failure, which is rare, we then refer to a dermatologist.
I have a vaginal discharge and I am embarrassed to mention it?
Most girls are embarrassed because they are afraid that a vaginal discharge means that they have a sexual transmitted
disease. If you are sexually active, it might be true. But the cause could also be a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.
Bacterial Vaginosis is an overgrowth of normal vaginal flora. We can obtain cultures and treat these conditions in the office. We
respect your privacy. A vaginal discharge should not be ignored.
Our office sees many teenagers and young adults with complaints of depression, possible Attentional Deficit  Hyperactivity
Disorder (ADHD), anxiety, panic attacks, alcohol abuse, and OCD.  Do you treat these conditions?
Psychiatrists today are mainly involved with the treatment and management of severe psychiatric patients. Most of the above
mentioned conditions are managed by primary care providers. Sometimes, the patient is seen by a psychologist or counselor
with medical management provided by the primary care physician.  We feel comfortable treating such conditions. The only thing
we don't like is those patients who pretend to have ADHD in order to get pychostimulant drugs. We know how to screen
patients who attempt to do that.
My hands and feet sweat a lot. I am embarrassed to even shake hands with people.
These symptoms are usually caused by a condition called dyshydrosis which is treatable. Sometimes, we will screen for other
medical conditions, but most of the time the studies are normal. Dyshydrosis is seen in a person who overacts to adrenaline, a
hormone produced by our body. Again, don't be embarrassed to talk to us about it.